Dr. Bailey’s work is thorough, well thought out and convincing.  His record reviews are comprehensive and he is able to pinpoint the issues and discrepancies that are not the heart of the litigation. Dr. Bailey has a thorough understanding of billing procedures, coding techniques, record keeping protocols and the science of injury and treatment.  His reports are as detailed as any I have read by an expert.  They provide great framework for lawyers to understand the nuances of the case. …
Lawrence ShulruffSudekum, Cassidy & Shulruff, Chtd.

Chiropractic Litigation Expert

Forensic Chiropractic Services

Performing the following Forensic Chiropractic Services:

  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • Review of medical records.
  • Preparation of thorough, objective, written analysis regarding causation, diagnosis, prognosis, MMI, impairment, appropriateness and duration of care, and audit procedure codes.
  • Impairment rating or rating audit
  • Providing opinions on breaching the standard of care relating to Chiropractic Malpractice
  • Assist with question preparation for depositions and interviews
  • Provide Forensic Chiropractic Testimony

Expert Witness


Dr. Bailey, an expert in medical litigation:

  • Certified by American Board of Independent Medical Examiners
  • Board Certified-American Board of Forensic Professionals (ABFP)
  • Board Certified-American Board of Chiropractic Consultants
  • Certified Impairment Rating Examiner, AMA Guides
  • Academy Instructor for National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).
  • Licensed in Indiana
  • Court room experience